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Monday, November 26, 2007

Habakkuk the Prophet You Never Heard Of


This is the place to comment on Habakkuk the Prophet, my sermon from Sunday, November 25, 2007.

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So what are your thoughts and impressions of Habakkuk?

I think it is tremendously important that this book actually "made it" into the Scriptures. Think about it... don't you feel guilty when you question God? Well, when a man of God does the same thing AND it is included in the Bible, we observe that God is "man" enough to take what we can dish out. He is big enough to take it. Our questions are never big enough to keep Him from being God.

While on the one hand we can question God and He even wants us to question Him... on the other hand, we should not perpetually live in a constant lifestyle of questioning doubt. Doubt for the moment can motivate us to the next level of spiritual development in Christ. In this sense, doubt is a trial. But eternal doubt is inappropriate for a person of faith.

So let me know what you thought...



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