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Monday, August 27, 2007

Greek for 9/2/07

This Week's Text

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

We will study this text together at Morning Worship on Sunday, September 2, 2007

Introductory Thoughts

Nothing terribly controversial in this passage, however it is so crucial to our walk with Christ to participate in the Lord's Supper in a proper way. We all know that there are varying views on what exactly "happens" at communion. We are inwardly pursuaded of our own view. Perhaps the question we can talk about is "why are there varying views?" And now, the text:

The Text


17 τουτο δε παραγγελλων ουκ επαινω οτι ουκ εις το κρεισσον αλλα εις το ησσον συνερχεσθε 18 πρωτον μεν γαρ συνερχομενων υμων εν εκκλησια ακουω σχισματα εν υμιν υπαρχειν και μερος τι πιστευω 19 δει γαρ και αιρεσεις εν υμιν ειναι ινα [και] οι δοκιμοι φανεροι γενωνται εν υμιν 20 συνερχομενων ουν υμων επι το αυτο ουκ εστιν κυριακον δειπνον φαγειν 21 εκαστος γαρ το ιδιον δειπνον προλαμβανει εν τω φαγειν και ος μεν πεινα ος δε μεθυει 22 μη γαρ οικιας ουκ εχετε εις το εσθιειν και πινειν η της εκκλησιας του θεου καταφρονειτε και καταισχυνετε τους μη εχοντας τι ειπω υμιν επαινεσω υμας εν τουτω ουκ επαινω 23 εγω γαρ παρελαβον απο του κυριου ο και παρεδωκα υμιν οτι ο κυριος ιησους εν τη νυκτι η παρεδιδετο ελαβεν αρτον 24 και ευχαριστησας εκλασεν και ειπεν τουτο μου εστιν το σωμα το υπερ υμων τουτο ποιειτε εις την εμην αναμνησιν 25 ωσαυτως και το ποτηριον μετα το δειπνησαι λεγων τουτο το ποτηριον η καινη διαθηκη εστιν εν τω εμω αιματι τουτο ποιειτε οσακις εαν πινητε εις την εμην αναμνησιν 26 οσακις γαρ εαν εσθιητε τον αρτον τουτον και το ποτηριον πινητε τον θανατον του κυριου καταγγελλετε αχρις ου ελθη 27 ωστε ος αν εσθιη τον αρτον η πινη το ποτηριον του κυριου αναξιως ενοχος εσται του σωματος και του αιματος του κυριου 28 δοκιμαζετω δε ανθρωπος εαυτον και ουτως εκ του αρτου εσθιετω και εκ του ποτηριου πινετω 29 ο γαρ εσθιων και πινων κριμα εαυτω εσθιει και πινει μη διακρινων το σωμα 30 δια τουτο εν υμιν πολλοι ασθενεις και αρρωστοι και κοιμωνται ικανοι 31 ει δε εαυτους διεκρινομεν ουκ αν εκρινομεθα 32 κρινομενοι δε υπο του κυριου παιδευομεθα ινα μη συν τω κοσμω κατακριθωμεν 33 ωστε αδελφοι μου συνερχομενοι εις το φαγειν αλληλους εκδεχεσθε 34 ει τις πεινα εν οικω εσθιετω ινα μη εις κριμα συνερχησθε τα δε λοιπα ως αν ελθω διαταξομαι

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Research on ZHubert

This is my project for Tuesday morning. I will post it asap. For now, read it in NASB by clicking the link below.

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An Invitation

There are four views on what happens at communion.

  1. Transubstantiation: the prayer of communion actually turns the bread into Jesus' physical body and the wine into the physical blood of Jesus so that the participant eats Jesus.
  2. Consubstantiation: the prayer of communion brings the spiritual presence of Christ to be with the bread and wine so that the participant eats the elements and receives the spirit of Jesus.
  3. Memorial: the prayer of communion beseeches God to strengthen the union between Him and the participant so that the participant remembers the cross and commits anew.
  4. Spiritual Nourishment: Jesus isnt the element nor is He with the element, but communion isnt just a history lesson either. This would be a step between Consubstantiation and Memorial in which the worthy participant does "feed upon Christ to their spiritual nourishment."

Which one are you and why?



Blogger s said...

I had heard of the first three views in my "study of theology". I had heard consubstantiation as Christ being present in the room but didnt know people of this persuasions focus on the prayer. I had not heard of the last one Spiritual Nourishment. It is interesting because I have been thinking about this concept this week because I have been reading John 6:25-71 and Jesus tells the people that they must feed on and drink Him. I thought it sounded like the Lord Supper but I still do not see a direct connection. I see it as a command to be consumed with Him and His teaching and a sign pointing to His death and also to the Lords supper. I think the Lords Supper could result in spiritual refreshment but not sure about nourishment. Personally I see it as a memorial. I also use it as a time of reflection and benchmarking. For example I pray for specific sins in my live and then keep a mental note of how I did in the time between taking. Sounds odd when I type it out but it is what has helped me. Thankfully we do it every 2 months and not longer like some churches.

8/29/2007 7:54 AM  
Blogger delawaregirl said...

I like your "bench-marking" idea. I wish I could remember 2 months back. I'm going to have to say that I've always thought of communion as a Memorial. Tim, can you go into more detail about the Spiritual Nourishment.

8/29/2007 10:38 AM  

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