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Thursday, November 05, 2009


It's Time to Review

At Bethany, our elders have committed to annually reviewing the effectiveness of our ministries. We believe that God wants our very best, the first-fruit of our labor. So we want to give Him our all, our best, a church that is the most effective that it can be. So we do our best, then we evaluate. We are using "The Eight Systems of the Church" model created by Church Leader Insights as a starting place for our church-wide review. At next week's meeting, we begin with the "Weekend Service" system.

Reviewing the "Weekend Service" System

We call our weekend service "Sunday Morning Worship Gathering". What happens from 10:30am-12:00pm every Sunday?
  • We praise the Triune God (Father, Son, Spirit).
  • We examine His Word for direction in life.
  • We make our gifts to His work, the Church.
  • We greet one another and encourage each other for godly living.
  • We read His Word publicly.

Some Questions

Toward You

  • How meaningful is this gathering to your faith and walk?
  • Do we motivate you for godliness?
  • Do we mobilize and equip you for your areas of ministry service?
  • Do we stir your passions toward God?
  • Do we do these things graciously or strictly?

Toward God

  • Is the service rigidly structured or a free-flowing expression of our gratitude toward God?
  • Is God blessed by our expressions of thanks?
  • Is He honored by our use of His Word?

Some Links that We are Using in Our Evaluation


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