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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Greek for 9/9/07

This Week's Text

1 Corinthians 12

We will study this text together at Morning Worship on Sunday, September 2, 2007

Introductory Thoughts

Again, nothing terribly controversial here. The hot-n-heavy stuff enters in chapter 14. I would really like to know where (so-called) charismatics are coming from in v10 "to some, tongues" (i.e. not to all, but to some) and v19 "if all were one part, where would the body be?" I call them so-called charismatics because we are all charismatic. That is to say we are all gifted by the Spirit. When they call themselves charismatic, they are really saying they practice the sign gifts (like tongues, prophecy, miracles, etc). With that introduction, now the text:

The Text


1 περι δε των πνευματικων αδελφοι ου θελω υμας αγνοειν 2 οιδατε οτι οτε εθνη ητε προς τα ειδωλα τα αφωνα ως αν ηγεσθε απαγομενοι 3 διο γνωριζω υμιν οτι ουδεις εν πνευματι θεου λαλων λεγει αναθεμα ιησους και ουδεις δυναται ειπειν κυριος ιησους ει μη εν πνευματι αγιω 4 διαιρεσεις δε χαρισματων εισιν το δε αυτο πνευμα 5 και διαιρεσεις διακονιων εισιν και ο αυτος κυριος 6 και διαιρεσεις ενεργηματων εισιν και ο αυτος θεος ο ενεργων τα παντα εν πασιν 7 εκαστω δε διδοται η φανερωσις του πνευματος προς το συμφερον 8 ω μεν γαρ δια του πνευματος διδοται λογος σοφιας αλλω δε λογος γνωσεως κατα το αυτο πνευμα 9 ετερω πιστις εν τω αυτω πνευματι αλλω δε χαρισματα ιαματων εν τω ενι πνευματι 10 αλλω δε ενεργηματα δυναμεων αλλω [δε] προφητεια αλλω [δε] διακρισεις πνευματων ετερω γενη γλωσσων αλλω δε ερμηνεια γλωσσων 11 παντα δε ταυτα ενεργει το εν και το αυτο πνευμα διαιρουν ιδια εκαστω καθως βουλεται 12 καθαπερ γαρ το σωμα εν εστιν και μελη πολλα εχει παντα δε τα μελη του σωματος πολλα οντα εν εστιν σωμα ουτως και ο χριστος 13 και γαρ εν ενι πνευματι ημεις παντες εις εν σωμα εβαπτισθημεν ειτε ιουδαιοι ειτε ελληνες ειτε δουλοι ειτε ελευθεροι και παντες εν πνευμα εποτισθημεν 14 και γαρ το σωμα ουκ εστιν εν μελος αλλα πολλα 15 εαν ειπη ο πους οτι ουκ ειμι χειρ ουκ ειμι εκ του σωματος ου παρα τουτο ουκ εστιν εκ του σωματος 16 και εαν ειπη το ους οτι ουκ ειμι οφθαλμος ουκ ειμι εκ του σωματος ου παρα τουτο ουκ εστιν εκ του σωματος 17 ει ολον το σωμα οφθαλμος που η ακοη ει ολον ακοη που η οσφρησις 18 νυν δε ο θεος εθετο τα μελη εν εκαστον αυτων εν τω σωματι καθως ηθελησεν 19 ει δε ην [τα] παντα εν μελος που το σωμα 20 νυν δε πολλα μελη εν δε σωμα 21 ου δυναται [δε] ο οφθαλμος ειπειν τη χειρι χρειαν σου ουκ εχω η παλιν η κεφαλη τοις ποσιν χρειαν υμων ουκ εχω 22 αλλα πολλω μαλλον τα δοκουντα μελη του σωματος ασθενεστερα υπαρχειν αναγκαια εστιν 23 και α δοκουμεν ατιμοτερα ειναι του σωματος τουτοις τιμην περισσοτεραν περιτιθεμεν και τα ασχημονα ημων ευσχημοσυνην περισσοτεραν εχει 24 τα δε ευσχημονα ημων ου χρειαν εχει αλλα ο θεος συνεκερασεν το σωμα τω υστερουμενω περισσοτεραν δους τιμην 25 ινα μη η σχισμα εν τω σωματι αλλα το αυτο υπερ αλληλων μεριμνωσιν τα μελη 26 και ειτε πασχει εν μελος συμπασχει παντα τα μελη ειτε δοξαζεται μελος συγχαιρει παντα τα μελη 27 υμεις δε εστε σωμα χριστου και μελη εκ μερους 28 και ους μεν εθετο ο θεος εν τη εκκλησια πρωτον αποστολους δευτερον προφητας τριτον διδασκαλους επειτα δυναμεις επειτα χαρισματα ιαματων αντιλημψεις κυβερνησεις γενη γλωσσων 29 μη παντες αποστολοι μη παντες προφηται μη παντες διδασκαλοι μη παντες δυναμεις 30 μη παντες χαρισματα εχουσιν ιαματων μη παντες γλωσσαις λαλουσιν μη παντες διερμηνευουσιν 31 ζηλουτε δε τα χαρισματα τα μειζονα και ετι καθ υπερβολην οδον υμιν δεικνυμι

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Research on ZHubert

1 Now concerning the things of the Spirit, brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant. 2 Know that at one time you were nations with mute idols, by which you were led astray. 3 Therefore, I make known to you all that no one in the Spirit of God speaks saying "Cursed is Jesus" and no one is empowered to say "Lord Jesus" if it is not in the Holy Spirit. 4 Now there are diverse gifts but there is one Spirit, 5 and there are diverse ministries and one Lord, 6 and there are diverse works but one God who works all things in all. 7 But each one is given a clear display of the Spirit for the purpose of the commono good. 8 For inded, one through the Spirit is given a word of wisdom, but another a word of knowledge from the same Spirit, 9 still another faith in the same Spirit, but another a gift of healing in the one Spirit, 10 but another a work of power, but another prophecy, but another a discernment of spirits, still another a variety of tongues, but another an interpretation of tongues, 11 but all these works are in one and the same Spirit who divides specially assigned tasks to each one just as He pleases. 12 For even as there is one body and it has many parts, so all the many parts of the body are in one body, so Christ is also. 13 For also in one Spirit we are all baptized into one body, whether Jew or whether Greek, whether slave or whether free, and we all are given drink in one Spirit. 14 For also the body is not in one part but many parts. 15 If the foot might say "since I am not a hand, I am not part of the body" from this is it not from the body? 16 And if the ear might say "since I am not an eye, I am not of the body," from this is it not part of the body? 17 If the whole body is an eye, where is hearing? If all hear, where is the sense of smell? 18 But now God destined the members, in each one in the body just as He chooses. 19 Now if all are in one, where is the body? 20 But now, these many are still one body. 21 But the eye is not able to say to the hand, "I do not have need of you." 22 Now those members of the body which are supposedly weaker are necessary. 23 And that which we think to be less honorable of the body to these we bestow a more excessive price and the indecent of us has more excessive honor, 24 but the honorable of us does not have need. But God united the body giving more abundant honor to the one who lacked, 25 in order that there be no schism in the body so that the members might be anxious for one another. 26 And if a member suffers, all suffer with the member, 27 But we are the body of Christ and members out of the whole. 28 And God appointed in the Churh first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, next miracles, next a gift of healing, helps, leadership, kinds of tongues. 29 Not all are apostles, not all are prophets, not all teach, not all work miracles, 30 not all have a gift of healing, not all speak tongues, not all interpret, 31 But earnestly desire the greater gifts.

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An Invitation

What is your spiritual gift? How do you use it?



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