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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Amazing God - Sermon Series Intro


Over the next four weeks we will talk together about our amazing God. We've asked for your responses and here they are. I (Pastor Tim) am going to try to squeeze in all your responses during the sermons. Each week we will share your answers to one of four questions. To get you warmed up, here are your answers.

What Excites You about God?
3/30/2008, 11am

1. He was born again
2. The ways He brings people to Himself and the ways He works in the lives of His children to further His kingdom
3. Who He Is
4. His creation around me
5. The amazing things He provides us all
6. His love
7. His amazing grace
8. The creation of the world and everything in it
9. Everything
10. He cares for us
11. How He provides needs in unexpected ways
12. That He loved us to die for us

What Baffles You about God?
4/6/2008, 11am

1. That He who was perfect died for us un-perfect people
2. His idea of picking Israel. Israel’s relation to the Church
3. God could have made it so this world would be without sin forever, why didn’t He?
4. There isn’t much that baffles me
5. The grace of God for forgiveness
6. That He could love us so much
7. I’m baffled that children are allowed to suffer. You cant turn on the TV or read any kind of news without hearing about how a child was abused, starved, or forgotten. I will never understand that.
8. How God can let bad things happen to good people. Although I know in my heart he has His reasons.
9. Why God continues to love, guide, and bless me in spite of me.
10. How God Himself could come to earth in the form of a human and die for me.
12. How did Jesus get power?

What Bothers You in His Word?
4/13/2008, 11am

1. Not having a lot of friends
2. Sin seems to be running rampant in the world. Why people seem to be repelled by God’s plan of salvation and His love.
3. That I don’t understand it all.
4. All the different wars and fighting of different religions. Wouldn’t it be nice if God descended down from heaven and said to the whole world this is what I need from you all and this is the proper religion.
5. Implications that women are second class to men
6. Violence (Jerusalem)
7. If everyone believes in a God of peace, why is there so much wrong
8. That we have no idea when He will return. How bad does it have to get before He comes. He said it will be soon but it has been 2000 years
9. Hosea – his life was tragic for an object lesson!
10. Continual use of sexual language to describe intimacy with God
11. That the wages of sin is death

What Renews You about God?
4/27/2008, 11am

1. That He will forgive us when we sin, if we ask Him
2. His unchanging love and unending forgiveness.
3. He is everything we are not
4. That there is always hope in the world
5. The giving of His son for our eternal life
6. The hope to dwell in the house of the Lord for all eternity
7. His patience
8. His everlasting love in us
9. That He’s always there for me, never changing
10. His promises, eternal life, reigning with Him, freedom over sin
11. He died and forgave me

If you leave comments here before the Friday (two days) before the sermon, I may include your responses in the message.

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Blogger Tim said...

These are some great questions to implement into one of my one-on-one discipleship meetings with a teenager. Thanks, Tim!

3/31/2008 12:38 PM  

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